Thais Nogueira

Birchbox Men


Packaging • Print • App Design


The Plan of Action box is a version of the Birchbox Best Year Ever / Women's box for

men. The concept for both boxes is to help consumers stay on track with their yearly

goals. Differently than the women's box, technology would be used instead of a

printed piece. Considering men are usually more in tune with gadgets, I suggested

that a special edition app would be developed. A partnership between Evernote - the

leader in digital organization - and Birchbox would be created.


The point of this app is to have a one place where their personal goals don’t get mixed

up with their overloaded calendars. The app would also introduce a feature in which they

can catalogue their favorite samples, buy them with a click of a button and share them

online for chances to win full size products .


Typography developed for the box

Insert card with product description.

Iphone cover - sample - plus instructions attached.

App icon and design. 

The Plan’s calendar allows consumers to organize their monthly goals and

share their progress with closest friends and with Birchbox.

On the first image below you can see a green box that would pop once the

goal is achieved. Right next to it is The Plan - a strategy list on how to

accomplish the consumer's goals.

The wish list lets people capture images of their favorite samples and catalogue them

in order of preference. Once they decide to buy their full size version, all they need to

do is click a button and they'd be taken to the right place to buy it.

They can also share these images on social media for a chance to win the

full size versions