Thais Nogueira

Birchbox Women


Packaging • Print Design


Birchbox is a monthly subscription of beauty products both for men and women based 

out of New York. The consumers receive highly curated samples in a paper

box along with fun editorial material. In this challenge for the women's box, I was asked

to design the box for the month of January titled "Best Year Ever". A printed product that

includes the editor's letter and a list of products was to be included. The design itself

was up to my imagination, always taking in consideration the brand look & feel.


Typography created for the project


The Birchbox  BEST YEAR EVER 2014 concept:


Every beginning of the year most of us like to think of how the previous year ended. 

We analyze the good and the bad things that happened, how we can improve ourselves, 

let go of bad habits, pursue a dream or even just find time to enjoy life a little more.

Usually by mid-year, all of those new-year’s resolutions are long forgotten.

In 2014 one of Birchbox’s goals is to help subscribers stay on track and inspire

them to achieve their goals. 

The concept for this particular box was to create something that allows consumers to

stay excited, to engage through social media and as a result, increase online presence 

and expand the Birchbox community .

Insert card that comes inside the box

Insert card unfolded.

The Birchbox “calendar wheel” is made of 12 diamond shapes that represent each month

of the year.These shapes are peelable stickers that once removed, reveal a hashtag to

be used and shared. These hashtags can simply be inspiring and supportive or used for

promotions and coupons. The key is to have consumers interact with the brand.

Each of the patterns designed is associated with a holiday of that particular month and

were created from the logo shape. To bring an element of surprise and a little bit of the

similarity of the online world, the patterns at first are all monochromatic. Once peeled 

they reveal color and association with the content (holiday), giving the consumer a 

similar experience to when hovering over a website button.