Thais Nogueira

Lean Cuisine


Packaging Design


The purpose of this project was to optimize Lean Cuisine's previous packaging by

simplifying communication, increasing readability of product names & utilizing more

color overall for added shelf pop .

In this concept all the information is contained inside of a shape for better readability.

The categories (everyday/culinary/spa/dinnertime collection) are color coded

with a band above the shape.


I've worked with the team at Wallace Church conceptualizing all 3 directions, but

my design focus was on this particular direction.


Concept 1 : shape holding information

Concept 2 : Simplification of elements.


The doodles now became part of the table setting so there is more room for communication. 

Concept 3 : Evolution of previous packaging.


The color of the napkins now take up more space, increasing color perception. The

doodle creates a separation and almost a shape where the brand mark and product

category are held.